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Glo Mount
  The Combination of a Flat Screen Wall Mount and an LED Lighting system is a perfect way to get your glo on anytime, anywhere. The U.S. Brown Bear Glo Mount or Glo Belt wlll not only enhance your viewing experience, it will illuminate your life. With just the touch of a button the Glo Mount turns your ordinary TV into something truly extraordinary. The seamless integration of our LED Glo Belt Lighting System elevates the look of any interior space and allows you to create the perfect mood for any occasion. What ever you want, when ever you want it, you control it all. With the wireless remote you can adjust the brightness, color and speed. Lock in your favorite color or rotate through and endless rainbow of colors with a soft gentle fade or turn up the pace for a rockin beat and let the party begin.
The Glo Belt can extend or minimize to fit most Flat Screen TVs. This well thought design allows for quick and easy installation. Great for the home, office, bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels or retail stores...any place, any space. Take your TV to the nest level and come glo with us!


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